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When devastating news shattered Jeremiah’s world, his life would never be the same. After moving off to college and meeting the love of his life, he encountered a reality he never expected to face. She was born with an illness that could drastically shorten her life. The absoluteness shook him. The unrelenting actuality shaped him.    

He began to discover what it would mean to love her. He began to learn what it could mean to face his deepest fear…losing her.

In 2016 he began writing songs to never forget the moments.  He released a single entitled Us that genuinely moves the heart. Others have praised it saying,

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this song. The beat, the words, and the hypnotic chorus that just feels good when the song flows into it." (-Jacob J.)

  • "Type of music you ride to... great production, lyrics, flow." (-Google user review)

  • "Great artistic talent!" (-Google user review)



In his current project, entitled Overcast he tells the story of memories and experiences that have shaped and refined his resolve. To be certain, Overcast isn't the title of any song he's written. It's an unfolding true story that he's expressing through a series of small albums and vignettes. Starting from the first time he met her and moving forward, each song delivers a gripping storyline that bares honest emotion.  

His newly released 3-song album starts from the very beginning with the hit songs Rain, Too Close, and Stay. Every song has a matching vignette that he calls "chapters." These chapters are far from an afterthought. Jeremiah pours his heart into every word of every chapter as he recalls a story of experiences that others have found they can relate to. And it doesn't stop there. After the release of his first official album, the story has only begun. Jeremiah plans to release more of his story through additional songs, albums, and vignettes.   

He believes that when life becomes overcast, everyone deserves a chance to be found. 


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