A true story unfolding.

As she struggled to breathe, he never imagined how the storm could morph itself so quickly, so cruelly. And yet here it was, flexing its massive strength. Threatening her. Taunting him. The choices seemed sparse. Controlling it would only be an illusion. Running from it could only be impossible. He knew this unforgiving foe would definitively crush him.

Unless he found a way to silence it once and for all.

Chapter 1: Rain

Several days after moving off to college, I bumped into her. It was a surreal moment on a riverside dock, meeting eyes for the first time. Our campus arranged this day trip, and so here I was—getting out of a car at a park by the river. The day was perfect for getting into the water. The air was fresh and the warm sun invited me to stick around for awhile. I noticed a...

Chapter 2: Too Close

The crisp night air held its breath in shock. The campus lights that once had a romantic glow now seemed depressed. And it was all because of what I had done. It was because of these weighted, horrible, and heavy words dropped on her. Words she would have to deal with. We parted ways with a half-hearted hug, all but pretending. Being friends wasn’t... 


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